We all know when it’s coming…the start of the itchy throat and a little bit of a stuffy nose, and then WHAM, it all hits you like a Mack truck and you are socked with a soaring temp with the chills, a pounding headache, and a queasy stomach that feels like you shouldn’t move an inch or you’ll lose it. Every year we are diligent and get a flu shot and wash our hands as much as possible, but it almost seems inevitable that at some point, usually when you least want or need it, the flu will find you and set in for longer than you’d like. Most of us instantly grab for over the counter medication, but there are so many chemicals and unforeseen side effects with these medications that you never really know what you are putting in your body. Half the time you end up feeling more doped up than better. There is no one cure-all for the flu, but there are ways that you can fight the flu naturally. Give some of the below natural flu remedies a whirl the next time you feel the flu truck coming.