I’ll be honest, I used to be a diet soda addict. I would easily polish off four or five cans a day, sometimes even larger bottles. As the years went on, I did cut back, but never quit. There was just something about the refreshing bubbles and caffeine that I couldn’t quite give up. I had heard people tell me how horrible diet soda was for you, but I didn’t really listen. I didn’t drink a lot of alcohol or smoke, so I figured one small vice was ok…But, after doing a little research myself, I learned I was horribly wrong. The side effects of diet soda are definitely real and they are not good. So, on my quest to live 80% cleaner, I decided I was going to stop drinking diet soda once and for all. I did not want the side effects of diet soda any longer and I was going to suffer through the withdrawal to finally kick the habit.