We all know what regular inflammation looks like. You get a cut, the skin around it becomes red and inflamed and eventually it heals and we forget that it ever happened. However, what most people, including myself, don’t think twice about is the chronic inflammation that goes on in our bodies every day. Our immune systems are continually responding to irritation from foreign matter from food and our environments, and while a certain amount of this is a good thing, a continuous stream with no relief, isn’t. Chronic inflammation is also a double whammy because we usually can’t even tell that anything is happening. Long-term inflammation in the body has been linked to heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, and especially scary, cancer. So, I wanted to know what I could do to try to lower inflammation in my body naturally, and it looks like food has a lot to do with it. Below are the eight must-eat now foods that lower inflammation that I will be focusing on.