best all natural shampoo

How to Choose the Best All Natural Shampoo

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Shampoo is just one of those things that is kind of a necessity that most people probably don’t think a whole lot about. If it smells good and does pretty much what it says, then most people are happy. What gives me pause is that shampoo can have some of the most toxic ingredients in it. Fortunately, there are a ton of great all natural and organic shampoos on the market today that make me feel a lot better about what I am putting on my head on a daily basis. Below is a little background and my top picks for the best all natural shampoo.

organic stocking stuffers

10 Ideas for Natural and Organic Stocking Stuffers

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Who doesn’t like a great stocking stuffer? Christmas stocking stuffers are small and cheap gifts that can theoretically fit into a large stocking hung over the fireplace. Even if you don’t have the fireplace, or a stocking for that matter, stocking stuffers still come in mighty handy. The best stocking stuffers are also work well as hostess gifts, co-worker gifts, new home gifts, teacher gifts, or gifts that kids can swap with other kids at a school gift exchange. So, with all the great uses, why not choose things that are a little cleaner, a little more natural, or organic even. Here are my top 10 ideas for natural and organic stocking stuffers.

non toxic candles

How to Buy Non-Toxic Candles

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I really, really, really used to love strongly scented candles. You know, the ones that could instantly fill up your home with the smell of birthday cake or lilacs… Until, I found out what was in those lovely smelling glowing beauties. Chemicals… and lots of them. Chemicals that I was inadvertently dispensing all throughout my home every time I lit one up. Chemicals that can cause cancer no less. So, what is a home scented wanting person to do? Don’t worry, there are a lot of safe, non-toxic candles on the market that will easily and effortlessly replace your old scented candles.

best non toxic lipstick

Best Non-Toxic Lipstick Choices for Fall

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Ah fall… Crisp, cool air, changing leaves, and the perfect time to go shopping! I am generally a spring/summer person, but one of the things I look forward to the most when fall starts coming around is being able to give myself the excuse to spruce up my wardrobe and my makeup. Back to school shopping of sorts… It is a great time to buy a little something for myself, before all the holiday shopping begins and I have to start thinking about what I will buy for others. One of the things that I like to buy the most to give me an instant pick-me-up is a new lipstick. It can change your entire look for the day, is relatively inexpensive, and it’s fun to try on all of the different colors before picking your favorite one. I love makeup in general, but I especially like a fresh new lipstick. I do, however, want it to be a lipstick without lead or any other toxic ingredients. Below are my top picks for the best non-toxic lipstick for fall.

uses for castile soap

The 10 Best Uses for Castile Soap

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Many of us don’t think too much about the soap that we use on our skin or for cleaning around the house. It gets us or our surfaces clean, and if it smells good that’s a bonus, right? But, when looking at things that we put on our skin or all around our home on a daily basis, it really is important to know what it is doing to our overall health as well. With that in mind, I discovered that castile soap is actually one of the best things you can use for a multitude of cleaning operations. Below are my top xx uses for castile soap.

portable exercise equipment

The Easiest Way to Make Yourself Exercise: Portable Exercise Equipment

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I’ll be honest; I am not a fan of exercising. Yes, I know I feel great afterwards, but I just really don’t like it. I can always come up with a better plan of drinking a glass of wine on my couch while watching a girlie movie instead. I also don’t enjoy the whole aspect of changing into workout clothes and being generally uncomfortable for 30 minutes, especially after I’ve worked a full day. And, I am definitely not the one who is going to get up any earlier than I already do to exercise before I begin my day. That’s just not going to happen and I know it. I’ve tried, and my snooze button has always won out. All of that being said, I know that exercising is something that is part of being healthy and taking care of myself in general, especially as I get older. So, after a lot of trying to figure out how to actually get myself to exercise, I discovered that having portable exercise equipment around actually works out well for me. Here me out, it is not as crazy or ineffective as you might think.

what are phthalates

Toxic Chemical Spotlight: What are Phthalates?

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In my effort to try to live a little cleaner, I do a lot of reading about all of the chemicals that manufacturers use. Not that I particularly enjoy reading about chemicals and where they lurk, but every now and then I think it is a good idea to take a closer look to really understand the affects that these ingredients can have. So, what are phthalates and what are some of the products containing phthalates?


The Best All Natural Makeup and Skin Care Product Lines

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When I was in the process of switching all of my conventional makeup and skin care products over to more natural and organic choices, I wanted to just go to one website or store and be done with it. Many trials and tribulations later, I ended up with a lot of duds and went to countless sites and bought way too many products to count. Some worked, some didn’t. What I really wanted and still want is a one-stop-shop sort of situation where I can go to one site or use one line and know that most of what I buy or try is safer and more natural, organic even. So, I set out to make your journey hopefully a little easier. Below you will find my top choices for all natural makeup and skin care products – that you can buy all in one place. I’ll also let you know some of my favorite choices in each product line.

aluminum-free deodorant

The Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant: Top Six Choices

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I have a confession to make. I can be smelly – really smelly if I want to be. The problem is, I am trying to clean up my skin care act and reduce the amount of chemicals I am slathering all over myself. The one “beauty product” that many people swear is one of the first things you should change is your deodorant/antiperspirant – mainly the ones that contain aluminum. I have found that an aluminum-free deodorant is really the way to go…

non-toxic nail polish

The Best Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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What woman doesn’t love a good nail polish? Nail polish is a great pick-me-up when you’re having a bad face day or when your outfit just isn’t working. If your nails are good, you’re good. It’s just makes you feel more put together. The problem is that many women (including me, until recently) unknowingly use their favorite colors and brands without understanding the harmful effects the chemicals in their polish could be doing to their bodies. Below I outline the top chemical offenders in most brands and my top picks for the best non-toxic nail polish.