I know I am not alone when I have a complete disdain for hard water stains in my toilet. They are completely frustrating and seemingly impossible to get rid of. I have tried an endless number of toilet bowl cleaners, natural and not so much, but to no avail, nothing worked. It finally dawned on me that there has to be some way that I can scrape the stains off the bowl. After a little research I came upon the easiest hack ever to clean toilet bowl stains naturally – and it actually worked and worked well. I would absolutely give credit to the original person who came up with this ingenious hack, but I honestly don’t know who that person is. There are also a lot of people out there who probably already know this, but since I didn’t, I feel like I should share again.

Clean Toilet Bowl Stains Naturally

This really couldn’t get any easier. Start with your awful looking toilet bowl covered in hard water stains – like below. (I cleaned my toilet first with natural toilet cleaner, just so I wasn’t digging my hands into a dirty toilet ;).

toilet bowl stains 1








Next, head to your bathroom cabinet or shower, or head to your local big box retailer (Target, Walmart, etc…) and get/buy a pumice stone. Yes, the exact same kind that you use on your dry cracked heels. You can find pumice stones in the nail care area of the store, or always very easily online. The only thing I would suggest is that you pick a light colored or no-colored pumice stone since you don’t want any colored dyes or colors ending up staining your toilet bowl. Not what you are going for here.

toilet bowl stains 2











Then, take the pumice stone and somewhat forcefully scrub the stains. I used an up and down motion.

toilet bowl stains 4











You should notice that you are wearing away the pumice stone, and that is A-OK. You should also notice that you will see pumice stone remninets in the toilet. Again, OK. One you have done a fair amount of scrubbing, give the toilet a flush or two so you can see where you are at. Make sure to get all the yellow stains with the pumice stone, and that is about it!

toilet bowl stains 5











A clean toilet, naturally! No chemicals to inhale or to dry out your hands.

clean toilet bowl











Give this hack a try to get rid of your worst toilet bowl stains from hard water. It really does work and it is cheap and easy to do. Let me know if you’ve tried and how it worked for you in the comments below!

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If you are lazy like me and don’t feel like going to the store, I found these two pumice stone options that will work well for this project.

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pumice stone 2









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pumice stone









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