In honor of the New Year and trying to live healthier, I decided that I needed to add a green smoothie recipe into my life. I’ve been down this road before though, and most recipes that I found tasted chalky from protein powders, had too many weird ingredients, cost an arm and a leg to make, or just plain tasted bad. I would end up making one or two on the weekend, but then would lose steam by the beginning of the work week and my health kick was officially over before it even really began. This year, I am determined to make this habit stick, so I dug around for some easy smoothie recipes that I thought I could live with, but what I ultimately came up with is beyond easy and might I say, even tasty. Read below for the fastest step-by-step green smoothie recipe instructions you’ll ever see.

The Easiest Green Smoothie Recipe

This is definitely a healthy smoothie, but it is not intended to be a meal replacement, move of a meal enhancer. I usually end up having an apple with peanut butter or some sort of Kind bar an hour or so later to complete my morning meal.

Step 1 – Gather Your Smoothie Ingredients

green spinach smoothie ingredients






For this recipe, I use baby spinach, frozen mango chunks, and water. That’s it. See, easy. I like the big bins of organic baby spinach from Whole Foods, or the organic bags from Trader Joe’s. This really goes without saying, but you can use any kind of frozen fruit (preferably organic) that you like, but I like mangos the best. Trader Joe’s has frozen organic mango chunks, or the frozen organic tropical fruit blend is also good.

Step 2 – Add all Smoothie Ingredients into a Blender

green smoothie ingredients with ninja blender






Next, take all of your ingredients above and add to a blender. How much of each ingredient you ask? Really, I just kind of eyeball it. I have a Ninja blender that I really like. (My version is a little older, but is almost the same as this one. They also have a newer bigger model for only $20 more.) I would love a Vitamix, but the budget just won’t allow. Several of my friends also have a Ninja blender and have had nothing but good things to say. I use the main large blending container (it also comes with individual smoothie attachments) and fill it will baby spinach, almost to the top. Then, I simply add a layer of mango. More if you like it sweeter. You can thaw the mango in the microwave for a few seconds if you prefer, but I usually don’t bother. Then I add water until the first fill line, which ends up being about a cup and a quarter to a cup and a half. If you like a thinner smoothie add more water and vice versa if you like a thicker smoothie.

*Tip – to have your smoothie ready to go for your morning commute, put the spinach and the frozen mango in the blender container in the fridge the night before. In the morning, add the water and blend away.

Step 3 – Blend and Go

healthy green smoothie with starbucks cup









Blend away and you are all set. I like to set up my smoothie the night before per the tip above and then pour it into a Starbucks cup so I can drink it on the way to work. I like the Starbucks cup because it keeps the smoothie cold, is stainless steel (no toxic chemicals), and has a straw so it doesn’t mess up my lipstick. (Read my article Three Easy Ways to Avoid BPA and BPS for more info on non-toxic containers).

That is really it. I’ve been at my green smoothie recipe routine for a few weeks now and am generally pretty proud of myself. I also feel good that by mid-morning, I already have a couple of servings of fruits and veggies under my belt.

Give this green smoothie recipe a whirl and let me know what you think.

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