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Meditation and Weight Loss | 3 Ways a 5-Minute Meditation can Help you Keep the Weight Off

Meditation and Weight Loss | 3 Ways a 5-Minute Meditation Can Help you Keep the Weight Off

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Meditation is definitely the buzzword of the day. It seems like every program you turn on or magazine you read is touting the benefits of meditation – with good reason. Meditation has been shown to help with everything from stress, anxiety and panic attacks to quitting smoking and curing insomniacs. This is all great news, but can you use meditation for weight loss? Recent research seems to think you can. It makes sense if you think about it – the more relaxed and centered you are, the more in tune with your body you are, so the easier it should be to lose weight, right? I, myself would like to see how meditation and weight loss work together, so I decided to give it a try – for only 5 minutes a day. That is pretty much the extent to which I think I can handle before my brain will wonder in 20,000 different directions.

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The Easiest Way to Make Yourself Exercise: Portable Exercise Equipment

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I’ll be honest; I am not a fan of exercising. Yes, I know I feel great afterwards, but I just really don’t like it. I can always come up with a better plan of drinking a glass of wine on my couch while watching a girlie movie instead. I also don’t enjoy the whole aspect of changing into workout clothes and being generally uncomfortable for 30 minutes, especially after I’ve worked a full day. And, I am definitely not the one who is going to get up any earlier than I already do to exercise before I begin my day. That’s just not going to happen and I know it. I’ve tried, and my snooze button has always won out. All of that being said, I know that exercising is something that is part of being healthy and taking care of myself in general, especially as I get older. So, after a lot of trying to figure out how to actually get myself to exercise, I discovered that having portable exercise equipment around actually works out well for me. Here me out, it is not as crazy or ineffective as you might think.