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5 affordable couches without flame retardants

5 Affordable Couches Without Flame Retardants

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The family room couch is pretty much the epicenter of most people’s homes. I know it is in mine. A couch has to stand up to spills, grime and endless lounging, while also being comfortable enough to sleep on without being beyond expensive. But, the question of toxicity and couches was one thing that never really crossed my mind until I recently began to shop for a new one to replace the 10-year old one that had seen better days. Come to find out, most couches are doused with flame retardants that slowly release toxic chemicals into your home. Um, no thank you. So, off I went to find the best quality, family-friendly, yet affordable couches without flame retardants.

non toxic candles

How to Buy Non-Toxic Candles

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I really, really, really used to love strongly scented candles. You know, the ones that could instantly fill up your home with the smell of birthday cake or lilacs… Until, I found out what was in those lovely smelling glowing beauties. Chemicals… and lots of them. Chemicals that I was inadvertently dispensing all throughout my home every time I lit one up. Chemicals that can cause cancer no less. So, what is a home scented wanting person to do? Don’t worry, there are a lot of safe, non-toxic candles on the market that will easily and effortlessly replace your old scented candles.

How to Create a Non-Toxic Nursery

How to Create a Non-Toxic Nursery

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A real fear for many new mom’s and dad’s to be is creating a safe environment for their new baby to come home to, but the toxin/chemical game can also be a real nightmare to figure out. You could easily go insane trying to completely rid your new nursery (and home for that matter) from all of the potential chemicals that are out there, but we at least have to try, right?!? Well, I did a little digging and a little research to find out what the main elements of a non-toxic nursery look like for someone who is hoping to get it at least 80% right.